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pediatric dentist in Las VegasLooking for a Las Vegas Family & Pediatric Dentist?

Your smile is one of the first things that a person first notices about you; therefore, you want to make sure that they notice a beautiful, sparkling white smile instead of an Pediatric Dentist Las Vegasunattractive, stained smile.

In order to do this, it is critical that you and your children take part in preventative dentistry and general dentistry procedures with a Las Vegas Dentist, such as cleanings every six months, thorough exams frequently and necessary procedures.

Whether you just need a cleaning or you need to fix an unsightly problem with your smile, Las Vegas Dentist – Hi Tech Dental Care can help you.

Routine Cleanings and Check-ups with a Las Vegas Dentist

Dentist in Las VegasThese are required every six months with a dentist in Las Vegas and are necessary to maintain a healthy smile. These check-ups allow for the premier dentists in Las Vegas, Drs. Mai and Liu, to detect the possibility of future dental problems, such as gum disease and oral cancer.

Regular cleanings ensure that all plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth and gums and you are left with a clean and healthy smile (gums and all). Fluoride treatments are also common during these cleanings and check-ups.

Dental Sealants

These are used by a Las Vegas dentist to help preserve the health of your teeth. Your back molars often get stuck with the most bacteria and are hard to reach when brushing. With sealants applied, they are less susceptible to attracting plaque, which means tartar is less likely to build-up resulting in less risk for tooth decay.

Dental FillingsBest Dentist in Las Vegas

When a tooth has cracked or has a cavity, fillings are used to restore that tooth to good health. The fillings act as a protective bearing to ensure that the tooth is not open to further damage.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

In most cases, our wisdom teeth don’t come in until we are at least in our 20’s; however, when they do start to come in, they can wreak havoc. The teeth can become impacted and come in at an angle pushing on your other teeth and causing severe pain. When this occurs, your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, and premier Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Mai can do that.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth’s dental pulp becomes infected and painful, a root canal will prevent the infection from spreading and may save the tooth. During a root canal procedure, the Las Vegas dentist cleans out the infected region including bacteria, inflamed nerve endings, Las Vegas NV dentistetc. The cleaned up area is then sealed with a special dental material by the dentist in Las Vegas.

After the root canal therapy is finished, the Las Vegas dentist places a custom crown made within minutes by the latest 3D technology in dentistry, CEREC .

CEREC dentistry technology is located right in the Hi Tech Dental office, and permits porcelain crowns to be fabricated and placed permanently in the single visit as the root canal. Usually it requires 2 separate visits to finish treatment, but not at Hi Tech. Sedation dentistry for the root canal and crown is available if desired.

Bridges and Crowns

Cosmetic Dentist

Dental bridges attach to adjacent teeth and look incredibly like real teeth.

Crowns are used when a tooth has become severely damaged, fractured or has an old large filling. The crown will strengthen the tooth and protect the structure while also improving appearance.

Replacing your missing tooth, bridges are supported and attached by adjacent teeth and consist of a dental crown placed in the missing tooth’s spot.

Among other general and family dentistry procedures offered at Las Vegas Hi Tech Dental Care are root canal therapy, dental bonding, veneers, tooth whitening and much, much more. No matter what your dental needs and for anyone in the family,  Hi Tech Dental Care is the Las Vegas dentist of choice..

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