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dental implants in Las Vegas Dental Implants in Las Vegas, NV

Not only is your smile affected when you are missing a tooth or several teeth, but your oral

Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental Implants look and feel very natural.

health is at stake due to the fact that your remaining teeth can shift or you could suffer bone loss.

Thankfully, Drs. Mai and Liu are skilled in surgically placing and creating Las Vegas dental implants, which can provide you with comfort and confidence that is needed to speak, eat and flash that pretty smile.

With proper placement and meticulous patient upkeep, dental implants in Las Vegas can virtually last forever. As long as you have good oral health (strong tissues and bones), you are usually a candidate for dental implants, which will stand in the place of your missing teeth from the tooth root to the implant itself.

Replacing a Single Tooth with a Dental Implant

When you are missing a tooth, regardless of its position, your remaining teeth will begin to Las Vegas Dental Implantshift over time and contribute to not only tooth decay but gum disease as well. Your tooth can be restored to its natural form by Las Vegas dental implants specialist Dr. Mai, with an implant that will replace your tooth’s root and the tooth itself.

Dental implants look and feel as natural as your original teeth and work to prevent deterioration of the jawbone, which is often seen with the loss of even a single tooth.

Replacing Several Missing Teeth with Dental Implants Las Vegas

When several teeth are missing, many may opt to have a dental bridge or some other form of tooth replacement. However, bridges require the use of adjacent teeth and involves sculpting them into shape to fit the bridge.

With dental implants, your teeth can look as natural as ever without the help from your adjacent teeth. Dental implants in Las Vegas will replace your tooth root ensuring that your jawbone is preserved in a much better fashion than having any other tooth replacement. In terms of longevity and long-term results, dental implants are more comfortable, functional and esthetic than most other dental replacement options.

Am I a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

If you can answer yes to the following questions (some of which may require assistance from Dr. Mai to be answered), you are more than likely an eligible candidate to receive Las Dental Implants in Las Vegas, NVVegas dental implants:

  • Are your gums in good health?
  • Are you missing one or multiple teeth?
  • Is your jawbone structure strong and sound?
  • Are you in good overall health?
  • Do you suffer from denture difficulty when eating?

Give us a call at Las Vegas Hi Tech Dental Care to schedule a Free consultation to determine if you are truly an eligible candidate to receive dental implants. With Las Vegas dental implants, you can go about your life as normally as you would if you had all your original teeth.

Concerned about what to expect with a dental implant? Don’t hesitate to call Hi Tech Dental Care for more information at (702) 703-6943, the best Las Vegas dental implants specialists.

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