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Cosmetic Dentist Las VegasLas Vegas Cosmetic Dentist specializing in making you love your smile: CEREC Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers,  Teeth Whitening, Inlays and Onlays, Tooth Colored Fillings, Dental Implants, Composite Bonding,  and Invisalign.

Having a fabulous smile will raise your confidence, enhance your self esteem, and possibly Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentisthelp you get a better job making more money. Research has actually shown just that! (Diener et al 1995)

Your smile is one of the most important parts of your life. It is your smile that captures the attention of others from across a room or even a few feet from you.

Because of all this, it is critical to ensure that your smile is as dazzling as it can be. Even the smallest mishaps of your smile can result in a negative aura, but Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Mai can fix that.

Drs. Mai and Liu are veteran Las Vegas cosmetic dentists who combine exceptional artistic creativity with a substantial skill set.

Cosmetic dentist procedures offered at Hi Tech Dental include:

Tooth Colored Fillings
Dental Bonding
Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain Veneers
Dental Implants
Teeth Whitening

Tooth-Colored Fillings Achieve a Sense of Naturalness

Metal fillings are now a thing of the past with tooth-colored composite dental fillings offered cosmetic dentist in Las Vegasby Dr. Mai, a premier cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas.

Tooth-colored fillings serve the same purpose as metal fillings (for protection and to prevent the tooth from decaying further), but also work to enhance the appearance of your teeth and overall smile. You’ll feel and look younger, have more confidence and won’t be afraid to smile.

Dental Bonding Permits a Quick, Affordable and Beautiful Smile

Quick, affordable and virtually painless, Dental bonding with a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas is a common way to transform your unsightly smile into a beautiful one. Using a composite bonding material that is the color of your teeth, dental bonding can turn your chipped teeth into perfect-looking teeth. The result of dental bonding is similar to veneers, but the cost is significantly lower.

Porcelain Crowns Reclaim That Natural Smile

Dental Crowns in Las VegasIf your tooth has become severely decayed, chipped or broken, a porcelain dental crown may be a suitable option to restore your mouth to its original state. Porcelain crowns slip over your tooth to protect it and create a natural looking tooth.

Designed to match the rest of your teeth in terms of shade, no one will ever know you’ve had mouth work done, which is a huge benefit of dental crowns. If you currently have metal crowns, you can visit Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Dr. Mai to discuss having them replace with natural-looking, tooth-colored porcelain crowns.CEREC dentist Las Vegas

At Hi Tech Dental Care, the cosmetic dentists use CEREC, which is a 3D technology allowing porcelain crowns to be placed in ONE visit rather than multiple! Come see for yourself how revolutionary CEREC dentistry is.

Veneers Offer a New Smile in a Few Short Days!

The thin pieces of porcelain that are placed as a shell over your existing teeth are known as veneers. Veneers alter the appearance of your tooth in every way – the length, shape and color.

In as little as two visits with cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, Dr. Mai, you can achieve a new smile with porcelain dental veneers. Whether it’s a gap, discoloration, or overlap, veneers can quickly fix your smile to make it stunning.

Dental Implants Offer Another Chance at a Beautiful Smile

Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dental implants look and feel completely natural.

When a tooth falls out due to injury or decay, it takes a huge toll on your entire mouth, appearance and health. By taking the place of the missing tooth or teeth Las Vegas dental implants offer a solution to this restoring not only your mouth but also your appearance and health.

Anchored into your jaw permanently with a titanium screw, a dental implant can last for years and years unlike many other mouth restoration options. Schedule an appointment today with Las Vegas dental implants specialist Drs. Mai and Liu to see if you are a candidate – you’ll need a healthy jawbone and oral tissue – and stop living life scared of smiling.

Las Vegas Teeth Whitening – Achieve Sparkling Pearly Whites Again

With a proven and advanced teeth whitening process, Dr. Mai and her staff can transform your boring teeth into beautiful teeth that sparkle again.

Whether your teeth have become discolored from aging or stained from certain beverages Las Vegas teeth whiteningand foods that you consume on a daily basis (soda, tea, coffee, etc.), Dr. Mai can give you a brand new smile. That dazzling smile will gain you a higher status in all aspects.

If you need a professional and skillful cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, Dr. Mai offers a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures and is the Las Vegas cosmetic dentist that local residents have come to have confidence in for the best care in the dental chair. It’s time you took control of your future and invest in a healthy, gorgeous smile.

For more information on any of the cosmetic dentist procedures at Hi Tech Dental Care or to schedule with the best cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, call today (702) 703-6943.

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