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CEREC DentistCosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas, Same Day Porcelain Crowns

Many years ago, metal crowns and fillings were the only way to restore damaged and decayed teeth to a natural and healthy state. However, with advanced dental technology in Best Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegastoday’s modern world, Las Vegas dentists such as Dr. Mai have the ability to alter a smile in a much more natural and beneficial way for the patient.

CEREC porcelain dental crowns ensure that your mouth’s stability is fully restored without compromising the appearance of your smile. The advanced technology allows a CEREC crown to be produced in one single visit at Las Vegas dentist Hi Tech Dental Care.

What Exactly is CEREC?

Las Vegas cosmetic dentistsCEREC is actually short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Therefore, it is pretty self-explanatory.

It is a chairside restoration that utilizes 3D computer technology to develop a high quality economical dental crown that will not only protect a tooth from further damage but also ensure that the beauty of the smile stays well intact.

Benefits of the CEREC Dental Crown

Because the CEREC dental crown is developed from porcelain materials with no pieces of Cosmetic Dentists Las Vegasmetal involved, it will not leak or crack in the long run and will blend naturally and beautifully with your teeth. In addition, porcelain crowns are easier to repair, should a repair be needed.

The CEREC crown also eliminates the need for a temporary crown with impressions as well as an unwanted subsequent visit to the office. With CEREC being performed in one single visit by a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, the convenience is there.

How Does the CEREC Process Work?

You will visit Dr. Mai’s office at which time a 3D tooth image will be created. This information is then utilized in the CEREC machine in order to generate your very own custom porcelain dental crown.

While the CEREC machine is creating your crown, you can relax at the dentist in Las Vegas office for a short time listening to music and reading magazines. There is no need to leave and schedule a second visit.

Once the machine has produced your restorative crown, Dr. Mai will place it on the damaged or decayed tooth before you leave the dental office of Hi Tech Dental Care.

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